Basic Foundations Online Content


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This is an OPEN-MINDED dog training social learning platform. Bullying or bashing of tools or methods that you don't agree with is not tolerated.

🐾What will you GET when you sign up?
- Entry into the interactive learning platform via the Facebook Group
- 14 Units of Basic Dog Training Foundations that I teach all my clients
- Train at your own pace
- Lesson Theory & Practical Walk-through Videos
- Create contacts and a safe-place for support

🐾What you will NEED:
- A Facebook Account
- A Computer

🐾 What is covered:
- How Dogs Learn
- Creating Food Drive
- Creating Focus & Handler Relevance
- Markers, Luring & Shaping Behaviours
- Loose Leash Walking
- Structure & Fulfillment
- Common Problem Behaviours & How To Fix Them
- Impulse Control
- Recalls Foundations
- Proofing with distractions
- Reactivity
- Using these basics to solve more severe behaviour problems & options for the future